10 Kilometers

Alzar School | 03.11.17


On the morning of Halloween in the quiet towns of Neltume and Choshuenco, our thirty-four students met up to tackle the 1oK.  The route our faculty set took the students between Lago Neltume (a Mapuche community) and the beach on the shore of Choshuenco.  Students anxiously gathered at the starting line dressed in Halloween costumes and smiled at all the confused looks they got from people passing by.  

Every semester there is great anticipation leading up to the 10K.  Despite the weekly training and the preparation the students get from carrying a heavy pack through rugged landscapes, many are a bit nervous about the experience.  Many have never set out to run a little over six miles at one time.

Ultimately the day was ten kilometers of taking in a beautiful part of the Chilean landscape, ten kilometers of pride in what they are capable of, ten kilometers of great playlists, and ten kilometers of fun with great friends.  All students successfully completed the course, and a new school record was set.