Culminating Leadership Projects

Apply leadership skills by inspiring change in your home community.

While at Alzar School, students develop a project to improve their home communities. These Culminating Leadership Projects (affectionately known as “CLPs”) allow graduates to demonstrate the leadership skills they learned at Alzar School and make a difference in the world. The requirements for a project to be a CLP are as follows: a) the project should coordinate the efforts of a group of people, b) be meaningful and unique, and c) benefit a group of people or address an issue in the community in which the student belongs. It should not be solo work or volunteer hours at an organization, nor should it only benefit any one individual or business. The Culminating Leadership Projects are entirely student-driven, starting the journey of young people becoming lifelong community leaders.

Highlighted CLP: Reach Cleveland

Addie and Abbie, two alumni from different semesters at Alzar School but from the same sending school in Cleveland, OH, were determined to improve their school community. These young women were able to take an idea and turn it into action, problem-solving as challenges arose and inspiring others to be a part of the change. This is the power of an Alzar School semester.

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