Named Giving

Our mission takes a village. Donate to leave a lasting legacy for future generations.


Lasting Leader Giving Society – $25,000 over 5 years

The Alzar School simply would not exist without support of individuals, families and businesses who believe in the power of the outdoors, education and young people.

By making a Lasting Leader gift of $5,000 per year for 5 years, you help ensure the financial stability of the school, allow for further growth, and encourage others to participate in furthering the world through young leaders at the Alzar School. If you are interested in making a Lasting Leader contribution that will undoubtedly make an impact, change lives and establish a legacy at the Alzar School, please contact our Director of Advancement at 833.862.5927 ext. 704. Thank you.

named giving

As Alzar School grows, supporters can leave a lasting and physical legacy on our beautiful campus. If you are interested in sponsoring one of our named giving opportunities, please contact our Director of Advancement at 833.862.5927 ext. 704.

empowering leaders annual fund donor board

This donor recognition board lives just outside of the Confluence Building and shines recognition on the donors who make the Alzar School program possible. The board represents the alumni, families, individuals and business supporters that contributed to our Annual Fund in the past fiscal year. These donors and their contributions support our overall programming, fuel scholarships and help maintain our beautiful campus.

Campus Improvement Amount to Sponsor Sponsored By
Patagonia Learning Center $200,000 Fall 2016 & Spring 2017 Semesters
Dining Hall (Expansion) $100,000 Spring 2016 Semester
Rio Simpson Warehouse $75,000 Fall 2017 Semester
Salmon River Yurt $50,000 Emma Scott Singletary, Georgia Gillette, Fall 2015 & Spring 2016
Rio Fuy Yurt $50,000 Michael McIntyre
Cochamo Conference Room (new) $25,000 Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation
Rio Enco Yurt $25,000 Margot, Philip and Lisa Lapeyre
Salmon River Yurt $50,000 Fall 2012 & Spring 2013 Semesters
Rio Enco Yurt $50,000 Margot, Philip and Lisa Lapeyre
Alerce Common Space $25,000 The Park Family
Tamarack Apartment $15,000 Eric and Fiona Torrese
Lodgepole Apartment $15,000 Spring 2014 Semester
Douglas Fir Apartment $15,000 Michael, Elizabeth and Parker Klump
Coigue Apartment $10,000 The Smith Family
Aspen Apartment $15,000 Alex, Patricia, and Caroline Funderburg
Confluence Building Vestibule $13,500 Fall 2012 & Spring 2013 Semesters
Andes Teacher Office $10,000 Daniella and Alexandra Castellon
Coigue Apartment $10,000 Meg Smith and Family
Classroom Table (Multipule Available) $8,000 • Andrew, Holly and Tess Lipsky
• Jeff, Lisa and Burke Martin
• Jordan-Wilcomb Construction
Student Bunk (Multiple Available) $5,000 • Wendy, Gordon, and Nathan Saul
• Jean Bierle
• Lorri and Lance Leonaitis
• Grace and Jimmy Broughton
• Mary and Bradley Delamielleure
• Carrie, Ken and Addison Garcia
• The Skardon Family
• Jack Collison and Family
• Dodson, Robin and Eliza Schenck
• Robin, Kim and Thomas Belvin
• Nick, Sarah and Jake Vrolijk
• Kylee Wood and Family
• Lauren Kelley, Spring 2019 & Family
• Mikey Marcus and Family
• The Alvarez Family
• The Sullivan Family
• Michael McIntyre
Patagonia Learning Center Chair (Multiple Available) $2000 • The Helmuth-Malone Family
• The Schrage Family
• The Cobb Family
• The Stuckey Family
• The Park Family
• The Griffith-Gray Family
• Caroline Kerr
• Alice, Linda, and Mark Caplan
• Larry and Tricia Bierle
• Worth, Kathi, and Kelsey Saunders
• Jib, Marci, and Skye Ellison
• Ed, Christy, Stephanie, and Natalie Novellas
• Liam Murphy
• Adrianne, Peter, and Carina Becker
• Thomas, Michele, and Brewer Castle
• Michael and Valerie Russell
• Andrew, Holly, and Tess Lipsky
• Kevin Arrien
• Andy and Nancy Wiggers
• Katherine and Lexi Spirtes
• In honor of Sue and Gene Dahl
• In memory of Greg Bierle
• Grady Welsh and Family
• Carol L. MacGregor
• Katie Thompson
• Kristen Bean and Family
• Jonah Bussgang and Family
• Barrett Howell III and Family
• Dennis, Kendra, Madison and Mitchell Coleman
• Abe Chabon and Family
• The Schneiderman Family
• The Radcliffe Family
• The Daniel Family

future Growth

As a small young school, we have limited resources and contacts, and only through their generosity have we been able to build the Alzar School. Just as the semester provides a powerful, transformative experience, these donations have had a transformative impact on our school and what we have been able to accomplish. Alzar School is committed to being a reflective organization committed to strategically planning how we can better achieve our mission. If you would like to learn more about our current projects contact