When the world is your classroom, your learning is powerful. Hear from alumni.


Cincinnati, OH

Isaac attends Stanford University where he is studying symbolic systems. A dedicated and driven student, Isaac reflects on a lesson from Alzar School that continues to shape his life: “In that moment I realized by being intentional with your actions you are able to invest a lot more in what you care about.”


Atlanta, GA

Isabelle is a student at Dartmouth College who attended the Spring 2013 Alzar School semester. Isabelle notes how learning to kayak has been a metaphor for the larger personal growth of the semester, her marked growth with persistence and determination. Isabelle says, “this semester has prepared me to face challenges headstrong and with confidence.”


Memphis, TN

Michael, a student at Bowdoin College, spent the spring 2015 semester with Alzar School. Michael reflects on how his time management skills acquired at Alzar School continue to help him in his studies. “It was a life changing experience… [my] mind opened to the world.”


Philadelphia, PA

Elena reflects on her time at Alzar School, citing her time here as “one of the most powerful academic experiences I’ve had.” Currently an earth systems major at Stanford University, Elena continues to look for opportunities to combine her academic interests with experiences in the natural world.



“When the world is your classroom, you learn about the world.” Miguel joined Alzar School from Jakarta, by way of Spain, bringing an interest in international issues regarding the environment. Miguel particularly enjoyed the leadership curriculum which complemented his natural charisma, stating, “there are so many things that the world needs right now, and I want to be part of the change. I want to have the skills to take part.”