Empowering girls to realize they are strong and capable

- Campbell Musslewhite


Background Information

Campbell decided to take on her project, “GO!” because she was once in the position of these kids.  As a 7 year old, attending after-school outdoor exploration sessions was what made her fall in love with the outdoors.

“I realized from a young age that I thrived best in the outdoors, and that it is where I am meant to be. I wanted other girls in my community to be able to have the same life-changing realizations”

– Campbell Musslewhite

GO! empowers girls and helps them realize in a male-dominated society that they are strong and capable of changing the world.  They build leaders through offering sessions for underprivileged girls in the DC area who do not have the opportunity or resources in their life to learn and thrive in nature. This program partners primarily with the City Kids Wilderness project, a partner of where Campbell works (The Elements) offering free outdoor exploration sessions to underprivileged DC kids.  Sessions include both outdoor education components, while also allotting time where the girls are lead the group, developing decision-making skills and confidence.

Implementation of Project

Campbell’s greatest challenge was that she had to pretty much change her project entirely from how she had originally planned it. She had initially wanted to lead her own outdoor exploration sessions, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, no schools were willing to partner and do in-person sessions.  Luckily, Campbell found an amazing partner organization that leads similar free trips for underprivileged DC kids, City Kids.  Campbell worked with them to raise money through a text-tournament with an entry fee and through collecting other donations.  Once she made the switch, the rest of the project carried through smoothly.

“I am so lucky to have raised money for such an incredible organization carrying out the mission that I unfortunately was not able to do myself because of COVID.”

– Campbell Musslewhite

Results of Project

The end results of the GO! project consisted of the money Campbell raised for the organization.  She raised almost $200, which will help to fund trips for kids who cannot afford it.  Campbell hopes to always continue raising money for this organization, because she knows how much it makes an impact in kids lives.

“Two of my co-workers at The Elements actually were part of City Kids Wilderness Project when they were younger. They have told me how much it has made a difference in their lives, and are so grateful that the outdoors is now a home to them.”

– Campbell Musslewhite

What’s Next

Campbell hopes to continue working with the City Kids Wilderness project, and even wants to come back and lead trips for them some day. She will use her new leadership skills to make clubs in college aimed at raising money for these types of organizations.  She also has a sophomore at NCS lined up to take over her outdoors club, which will continue to host monthly fundraisers.

“I am so excited to take on such an amazing project!”

– National Cathedral School sophomore