Hike to Heal the World

Raising awareness about environmental racism

- Abby Lonnegren

Background Information

The outdoors has had an enormous impact on Abby and has improved her mental state so much. She decided to complete her CLP, “Hike to Heal the World,” because she wants others to experience the magic of the outdoors that she has experienced herself.

“While I was at the Alzar School I was the happiest I have ever been, and I think a big part of that was my proximity to the outdoors and all the time we spent playing outside. When I got home from Alzar in the midst of a global pandemic, I felt lost and anxious. I began to channel that negative energy into running and hiking. This time I spent outdoors everyday improved my mood, and lowered my stress. I also began to realize that others didn’t have the same opportunities and if we keep treating the earth the way that we do, future generations won’t be able to spend time outside, enjoying nature either.”
– Abby Lonnegren

Implementation and Results of Project

Unfortunately due to COVID and the cold weather  in the Northeast, Abby did not get a lot of support from her friends… They told her that they didn’t want to hike or run.  Instead of quitting, she decided to postpone her CLP until the spring when she can get more enthusiasm for it.  But she also decided to run and hike herself and ask for sponsors.  In ten days in December, Abby ran 35 miles and raised over $500 dollars for the NECEC Institute.

What’s Next

The funds Abby raised will go directly to funding research for new sustainable energy sources.  She is going to keep going with her CLP in the Spring.  She has big goals for her CLP and hope it will become something bigger than just her immediate community and hopes to bring it with her to college.