Shipbuilders Teach LAX

Connecting high school LAX players with younger players


Background Information

Sawyer has always been dedicated to the sport of lacrosse. He has loved playing the game since he was young. As he was trying to figure out how to weave his love for the sport into a project to help his community, he remembered when he was younger, he always looked up to the high schoolers who played lacrosse. As a way to give back to his community, he decided to base his project around attending youth practices to create stronger connections between high school players and youth players.

“I was very impressed by the coordination and eagerness to help coming from my action team.” -Sawyer Wright

Implementation of Project

As Sawyer started to work on his project, he found that not much could be done before the season started. A few things he did were attend a coaches clinic to meet the youth coaches and gather together an action team that would help him implement his project when the time came. His dad, Patrick Wright, was also a big help as he coordinated many youth clinics and coaches the middle school lacrosse team. After reaching out to people who would help his project run smoothly, Sawyer organized the schedule for when to help out at practices. In order to do that, he reconnected with the coaches to find out their practice times. Relaying this to his action team, he was able to set up a system of people who were available, and when help was needed. He made sure that communication between coaches and high school players was smooth, and that they were aware of how they were going to implement the project. When the season came around, Sawyer began by attending several practices for the middle school team, gauging what help would be best. After he evaluated how to best incorporate the rest of his action team into helping with middle school practices, he planned out dates multiple times per week in which the action team participated and assisted the coaches.

Results of Project

Sawyer’s project is still developing, as the season is currently still in progress. He continues to involve more high schoolers in his project and be a part of the youth in his community. So far, it has been a huge success with coaches who have really enjoyed the extra help to manage their players, as well as assistance with teaching the new players at practices. A few grades, including the 3rd and 4th grade and 5th and 6th grade teams practice during the time of high school practices, which limit the possibility of helping those groups. While this is limiting, Sawyer and his team have been able to attend three middle school practices. This number is growing every week as the season progresses.

“Something about helping people just makes you feel better.” – Sawyer Wright

What’s Next

Sawyer has gathered leadership skills from the implementation of this project that has helped improve his communication with others. This project has been a great learning experience, while helping with something he is very passionate about. In the future, Sawyer plans to continue helping out with developing the youth lacrosse program in his town. He is currently unsure as to whether he will organize a group again next year, but is considering expanding to help before the lacrosse season as well. He is excited to see the lacrosse community grow and enjoys being a role model for the youth.