Desired Hope Senior Yoga

Teaching the benefits of yoga to senior citizens


Background Information

Sydney wanted to take on this project because she is very passionate about yoga and it has helped her a lot.  Additionally, her grandparents are really important to her and her grandpa struggles with a lot of health issues. Sydney read about the benefits of yoga for senior citizens and found that there were many excellent reasons for seniors to try the practice, so she decided it would be the perfect opportunity to share something she loves with people she cares about and help them.

Implementation of Project

Sydney was initially planning on doing her project at Trilogy Senior Center, where her grandma lives and her grandpa previously lived there with her), but they already had a standing yoga class and her grandpa got moved to Desired Hope Senior Center because his symptoms Parkinson’s got worse. Because of these setbacks, Sydney reached out to Desired Hope and they said she could teach there.  She researched yoga for seniors because they cannot do the same moves and younger people can, and came up with a routine that she led the seniors through.  Sydney and her mother then drove to Desired Hope, and she showed them some moves that she does in the yoga classes she attends before teaching them a more senior friendly version.

Results of Project

All of the seniors at Desired Hope participated in the yoga to some degree and all of them seemed to really enjoy it.  The staff at the senior center said it was the most active they had seen Sydney’s grandpa (he doesn’t really do his physical therapy) and this made her really happy.  Sydney has plans with Desired Hope to continue teaching yoga there in the future.

What’s Next

Sydney will continue to use these leadership skills around her town by coaching and running a summer camp at her house over the summer.  She will also look for opportunities to help and create change in her community.

“I am also not done teaching yoga, and will continue doing so at Desired Hope and possibly other senior centers in my area (I already have plans with one!).” – Sydney Lane