For the Pups

Supporting animal rescue

- Zoe Bram

Background Information

Zoe’s family has always loved animals.  Animals play a huge role in people’s lives. They act as a companion, a listener, and a pet. Her dog is a cavapoo which is half poodles and half King Charles cavalier. Ever since her family met her dog, Winnie, she has made everyone she meets smile. Dogs bring so much joy and she wants to ensure more people can feel the joy she feels when she is with Winnie. She created “For the Pups” to support ARF, an animal rescue fund in The Hamptons. They take in story dogs or dogs in kill shelters and raise them, heal them, and house them. To help ARF fulfill their mission to get dogs and cats in good condition to be adopted, she has purchased lots of supplies to support them using the money she makes from Poshmark.

Implementation of Project

To prepare for her first action day, Zoe and her friends went through our closets and picked out clothes that they didn’t need anymore that were in good condition. With five friends participating, they collected a ton of clothing. On the action day, they all took pictures of the clothing items and priced them. They then posted the photos and information about the clothes online. Once the clothing was sold, Zoe told her friends and they packaged the clothes and shipped them out to the buyer. With this money, Zoe went on ARF’s Amazon wishlist and ordered the supplies that they were in need of. After two more action days, Zoe raised a lot of money and she made more orders. When the shipments arrived, her family and she brought the supplies to ARF. They were so appreciative and they took her picture and posted about her project through their instagram.


Results of Project

With the $400 raised for the project, Zoe purchased dry and wet dog and cat food, laser pointers for the cats, basketballs, soccer balls, dog agility equipment, fleece blankets, towels, cat carriers, dog crates, KMR power for kittens, dog toys, and more!  She spent about 8 hours taking photos and pricing the clothing during the actions days. The shipping and packaging took around 4 hours, and finally an hour to find all the supplies for ARF. She had a total of eight volunteers.

What’s Next

Zoe has decided that this project is going to be an ongoing endeavor.  She will continue to clean out her closet, get other people involved, and grow this project. As she continues to make money for the clothes, she will keep checking ARF’s wishlist to get them more supplies. She will bring this project to college with and hopefully create a club.