A Culture of Abundance

Alzar School | 12.08.20

As the start of the fall 2020 semester inches closer, Alzar School staff and faculty have been busy preparing. Teachers are prepping lessons, facilities crews are tidying up yurts and staff are undergoing training to help mitigate COVID risks and facilitate powerful, in-person education to the incoming cohort. One of these training sessions is titled “staff culture.” This year, the sessions’ discussion centered upon the topic of abundance. 

Alzar School co-founder and executive director, Kristin, launched this session by asking staff to identify the qualities of the school or staff culture that they found abundant. Here are the abundant characteristics that we identified: 


Alzar School staff in training.

work ethic

inspiring vision

positivity/stoke/excitement for life 


teacher-student ratio

work ethic

technical proficiency

opportunity for  learning – both for students and faculty

outdoor activities

problem-solution mindset



opportunity for reflection

fun and silly


Reflecting on the above list, Alzar School science teacher, Davis, suggested that staff view our work this coming year using “abundance as a practice”. He elaborated by encouraging all to “focus on what you do have rather than what you don’t”. This in turn inspires a culture of gratitude. In addition, with a very scientific perspective, Davis advocated to “understand ourselves ecologically”, not as separate parts, but as part of a whole. This give and take, ebb and flow, support and lean is at the core of what makes the Alzar School staff community so strong. We each play a part in experience Alzar School offers young leaders and our supportive culture ensures that if someone stumbles, there is someone else ready and able to lend a helping hand. As we take on the abundant challenges of this coming year, we know that the strength of our staff culture will resonate and be emulated in the community students create for themselves at Alzar School. This Saturday, Semester 17 students will embark on their journey, building the relationships and community that is sure to have an impact on their lives.