A Perfect Balance

Alzar School | 23.03.15

Balance in our lives is crucial. It is a skill we are all trying to hone in order to make our lives more fulfilling, diverse, exciting, and sustainable. The different pressures and pulls from responsibilities such as work and school, the desires of wanting to be on the river or hike with friends, and the need to sleep and take care of our bodies’ emotional and physical well-being

Five adventurers of the Alzar School

During one of our weekends in Choshuenco, Chile – what acts as our home base for classes, students were presented with a choice to stay after dinner for a study hall or go and explore a trail that would end in one of the tallest waterfalls in the country. Five students opted to go on the evening excursion, and as we walked along the trail – giggling and joking with each other, intermittently running and jumping over roots and stumps with the excitement of turning the next corner, students asking questions about the science and history of the area and ecosystem that surrounded us, I was overwhelmed with joy.

Salto Huilo Huilo (summer w/o water)
Sunset view of Lago Panguipulli from our home in Choshuenco

Walking, I felt how fortunate I am to get to spend time with students in so many different capacities. How proud I am of the students who had chosen to put aside homework to explore a new place that would make us all go silent as we arrived at the first overlook. How proud I am of the students who had wanted to hike, but knew they needed to take care of their work in order to support themselves mentally and emotionally. How everyday we are confronted with decisions, and how we are all learning to make good ones. How fortunate I am to explore this beautiful world with 19 young adults who inspire me, who teach me to see the world in different ways, and who remind me the importance of turning the next corner and to see the beauty.

Salto Huilo Huilo (during the spring w/ water)