Alumni Reflections: College Admissions Essays

Alzar School | 29.01.20

For high school seniors the countdown has begun. Early decision results are in and over the course of the next few months young adults across the country will be weighing options and making hard choices about where to direct their lives after high school. For many Alzar School alumni, their semester in Idaho and Chile aids in these decisions. Stepping away from their home bubble and social circle, Alzar School students get the chance to make new friendships and create the community they wish to be part of. Having done this at Alzar School, alumni know and seek out the post-high school opportunities that best suit them. 

An Alzar School semester allows students to gain a better understanding of themselves and the learning environment they seek.  Indeed, the challenges and leadership experiences they face require resilience and grit, and are ripe fodder for college admissions essay topics. Carly, a Spring 2019 alumna and current senior, made excellent use of her Alzar School experience in her college admissions essay: 

My accomplishments during the 28 days spent in the backcountry of Patagonia and the Owyhee Canyonlands as well as the three months I spent living in a yurt changed the way I interact with the world. Whereas I used to convince myself that certain risks were not worth the possible failure, the supportive mindset of the Alzar community convinced me that failure is nothing to fear; the success of the group depended on the success of the individual. Though I blinked back tears while I climbed the moss-covered boulders in Chile, I began to realize that there is no obstacle I cannot overcome, no matter how steep, slippery, or challenging. The Alzar School ignited my desire for adventure, my ability to admit vulnerability, and my appreciation for the value of teamwork to maximize the success of the community as a whole.

Carly backpacking in the Owyhee Canyonlands.

Carly was recently accepted to and will be attending the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business in fall 2020. Go Carly! We wish all our alumni seniors the best of luck in their decision making over the next few months.