Alzar School Collaboration with Cascade High School

Alzar School | 06.09.12

The Alzar School science students are collaborating. With who? They are collaborating with science students at Cascade High School.

Many people wouldn’t imagine a rural high school to have national caliber science projects, but Mr. Clint Kennedey’s Advanced Research Techniques, and Advanced Biology classes produce amazing, award winning applicable science projects.

Our students were introduced to four ongoing projects at CHS. One of these projects was started in the mid nineties by the “Sludge Sisters”. The sisters developed a bio-coil to improve the water quality in Lake Cascade. The bio-coil scrubs phosphates and nitrates from sewage that was being dumped into the lake. Apparently, the water was so toxic cows were dying.

The same project has been used to support underwater human life projects. However, these days students at CHS are interested developing bio-fuels.

Alzar Students with Mr. Clint Kennedey's CHS science class.
Alzar Students with Mr. Clint Kennedey’s CHS science class.

A second project is sequencing a potentially unique strain of bacteria found from hot springs near Warm Lake. This project may have huge rewards if they can verify its uniqueness. So far, a bacteria strain in Japan has similar characteristics, but they have not been able to support this with DNA sequencing data.

Other projects include Trout in the Classroom, and restoring Fischer Pond. Media development of Clint Kennedey’s projects can be found here

Our students showed incredible interest and appreciation for being invited to participate and help. In fact, we will work with them throughout the semester to practice science techniques, research and collaboration. It is very exciting, and I’m sure our students make the most of this opportunity.

-Sam Goff, Science Teacher