Alzar School – A Metamorphosis

Alzar School | 22.05.19

Throughout a student’s time at Alzar School they face challenges in many forms. Some may struggle in a Chemistry class, others will grapple with yurt life, while others still will dig deep to find the strength and perseverance to summit a Patagonian mountain. As we come to the end of Semester 14, students have been sharing these challenges and demonstrating their personal and communal growth through their final projects and presentations.

Abe T’s metamorphosis presented in Spanish through photography.

Advanced Spanish students presented their final project through creative expressions in art and language. Each student made an art project that represented the ways in which they have grown at Alzar School. They then spoke, all in Spanish, about the symbolism of their art and the details of their metamorphosis during the semester. Abe T. shared the photos he has taken throughout the semester, linking each photography phase to his personal growth. Izzy handed out pieces of paper and asked her peers to write down a non-present thought that they are currently thinking about. She then instructed the class to rip the paper up, explaining in Spanish, how her metamorphosis has been centered upon her intentional efforts to live in the moment. Sadie pulled out a guitar and sang a Spanish song she had composed ending with “Tengo amor en mi mismo” (I have love in myself.) And Emily’s art project depicted the change in her peers’ perception of her character from the start the semester as “super timida pero simpatica“ (very shy but nice,) to now as “fuerte, loca, y genial” (loud, crazy and awesome.)

Students further reveal the changes in themselves through their Demonstration of Learning (DOL) essays which are presented to our entire community during the English final. These essays are personal, thoughtful and reflective, designed to help students process their own growth and share it with others. Here are some highlight quotes:

Hallie presenting her DOL.

“I’ve learned that there is nothing wrong with wanting change” – Abe C.

“Rio Nuble [yurt] has taught me what true friendship means.”- Hannah

“Alzar School has helped me become a more accepting person” – Frank

“I can tangibly feel myself grow through the challenges we faced” – Emily

”Now, I’m thriving” – Alivia

“Alzar School was the best decision I’ve ever made.” – Grace

The four months of an Alzar School semester are truly transformative, a metamorphosis if you will. We challenge students so that they can gain the tools and confidence to lead and make a difference in back home, at school and in the world. After countless challenges in the classroom, on campus and on mountaintops, Semester 14 students are preparing to leave Alzar School, ready to begin a lifetime of leadership and personal growth.