Bacan! (AWESOME)

Alzar School | 26.01.08


Today we went down a river called Rio Fuy. It was bacan which means awesome in Spanish. I did a combat role which is a role in thrashing water. It was soooo bacan.

All of the food here is rico (delicious) they have tons of fresh fruits and all kinds of different cookies. And here is the best part they have all of are kinds of cookies and candies plus all of the Chilean sweets. But get this one thing of cookies is 300 pesos!!!! Can you believe that? When I first saw the price I started flipping out but then I realized that it was really just 75 cents. The money here is way different. Our dollar is like 500 pesos here. I hope everything is good there. We are all fine here and everything is bacan. Talk to you later!!

Love, Katherine