Blog #2 by Fletcher

Alzar School | 10.01.10

Hi everyone! Sorry it has been awhile, we have been traveling and paddling a whole lot, so far we have paddled the Rios: Claro, Fuy, Enco, Licuara, Trancura, and the San Pedro. They have all been so so so much fun! I have gotten some amazing pictures. The paddling has mostly been really fun big water! On the bridge-to-bridge section of the Rio Fuy I hit a wave that was so big it flipped me straight over backwards! It was incredible! SO MUCH FUN! Yesterday and today we have been hiking in a National Park at the base of an active volcano! It erupted two years ago, so we got to see the paths of lava flows! It was incredible! We are not making our way back north, and will be getting to Santiago on the 16th and then I will come home! I miss you mom and dad, Charlie, Jake, and Petey and everyone else! Thanks! C-ya soon!