Blog Post #1 by Fletcher

Alzar School | 04.01.10

Hi everybody! I miss you all! I am healthy and having a blast! Yesterday we paddled the Rio Claro in Los Quenes- it was awesome! One of the coolest things was the ride and hike to get to the river. The road we took up the Southside of the river was really really bumpy and steep. There were times when I thought our 12-passenger van wouldn’t make it. We got through. After we got out of the van we picked up our boats and hiked about a mile until we ran into a gorge with only a single log crossing the canal. We move the boats one by one with ropes attached. It was epic. And this was only to get to the river!

The actual river was a blast! I was paddling a Big Wheel, and was joined by Conner, Zoe, Sean, and Calin. The river was beautiful. We were in a gorgeous canyon and the water was crystal clear. Every time I looked up I lost my breath because of how incredible the whole picture was. The river was so much fun. I didn’t swim (knock on wood) and it has only made me want to paddle even more! So far the whole trip has been amazing and I am sure it will keep being amazing. I miss everyone back home. Bye for now!