Breaking News: Chris McCandless Found

Alzar School | 30.04.15

As the semester is coming to a close, Spanish 2 is beginning to synthesize many of the grammatical skills and vocabulary they have gained this semester into projects that call upon their verbal participation, along with their creativity.

After reading Jon Krakauer’s “Into the Wild” in English class, and tromping through the Owyhee desert in our culminating backpacking trip, Spanish students learned vocabulary for various environments, backpacking gear, and weather.

On the Owyhee expedition itself, Spanish 2 students created backpacking gear infomercials highlighting the benefits to each tool:

They then used these new terms and grammatical topics to create a news report video under the pretense that Chris McCandless was found before he died in the Alaskan wild in 1992. The result is part drama, part magic, 100% Spanish Рfeaturing yurt-mate cameo appearances as news bulletin and Chris McCandless himself. Enjoy: