Celebrating our Learning

Alzar School | 19.12.14

In place of a “multiple-guess” final, students in English class at Alzar School are called upon to synthesize their communication and critical thinking skills in a dynamic Demonstration of Learning presentation. In their formal written speech, they must articulate how they have grown and what they have learned in a semester at Alzar School through the lens of one “Habit of Mind.” The Alzar School’s Habits of Mind use Arthur Costa’s framework to enumerate skills or ways of thinking which determine success as a global learner and leader. In their presentation plan, they must consider ways to engage an audience, effective speech delivery techniques, and a meaningful place on campus to deliver their presentation. As I tell my students, it is valuable to know that you’ve learned, more important to know how you’ve learned, and most valuable to be able to articulate this growth to others (whether they are your friends, future teachers, or college admissions offices). This semester, students spoke about “Persisting,” “Managing Impulsivity,” “Learning Humility,” and more. Students blew us away with dynamic  presentations that captured their audience’s attention through dramatic reenactments, incorporation of video, and group activities. They stood with poise, made eye contact, and spoke with the confidence befitting a strong young leader.

See below and enjoy Fall 2014 semester’s documented Demonstrations of Learning. The have so much to be proud of.