Celebrations of Growth and Learning

Alzar School | 13.06.15

For their English class final, students composed and delivered dynamic presentations about their growth over the semester through the lens of one “Habit of Mind.” On finals day the community was a roaming audience for students as they demonstrated their learning all over our 100 acre woods.

See below for links to videos of some of their beautiful presentations!

“We have been put through the same trials and pressure. We have an understanding of what it is like to be pushed past what we thought we are capable of. I will know that every time I am pushed to my breaking point and I can withstand it, I have become stronger. It is times like these that I know exactly where I stand in the world, and that I do not stand alone.”


“If I persist through my challenges, gain confidence and just try again, then that will be good enough. I am good enough. “

[Click here for link to full text of ESmith’s speech]