Climate and River Diversity by Cameron

Alzar School | 04.01.10

Chile has the most diverse climates that I know of. WHen I look at the Chilean scenery I have to associate it with other places that I have been ot, in order for me to understand it better. An example would be of one of our van rides to Choshuenco. One instance I thought I was going up the windy roads of hte Blue Ridge Parkway of North Carolina, then I felt like I was on Highway 1 of California, because of this mountainside road over viewing a gargantuan lake. I thought it was the coast of Chile briefly until I could see the fain opposing side of the lake through an eerie fog. Then I thought I was in Hawaii with 50F weather, but that was when I could not associate this country with other places. Its just that amazing and it has to be described by experience.

Just as the climates are diverse, the rivers are as well. The first couple of days we paddled a technical river which has exposed rocks creating many features like concentrated water chutes and mini whirlpools. Now in Choshuenco, we are paddling big water with more volume. This is where many rocks are submerged and features like big waves are formed. I could get really detailed about this, but one thing I wish I had would be a camera.