Climbing Volcan Planchon

Alzar School | 03.01.12

Yesterday we went hiking in the Andes, and we made an attempt to climb almost to the summit of Volcan Planchon, to the second highest peak. We first hiked up the hillside from our campsite on the Chile/Argentina border. As we rose we began to see ore and more of the mountains. We then came to this beautiful blue lake, Lagoons Teno. After lunch, Matt and I decided to make an attempt to climb to the highest peak, our final goal.

After almost 45 minutes of exhausting climbing up the rocky vertical slope, we finally made it. The view was amazing, you could see the Andes extending farther and farther into the distance. The final destination was totally worth the hard work we put into it, and it felt so good to have achieved my goal. It was such a rewarding experience and I would definitely do it again. Happy New Year!