Elena’s thoughts on FLOW

Alzar School | 28.06.11

Paddling every day has been super cool and I am getting a lot better.  I’ve already had two pretty good tries at a combat roll and my eddy turns and peel outs are improving.  We have been to some incredibly beautiful places, especially Clear Creek.  And, the photos I’ve been taking with my silly little disposable camera hardly do justice to any of the fantastic views.

The swims I’ve been having have been mostly uneventful and more tedious than anything else.  Although, I did freak out a bit when I stayed in a hole longer than I was comfortable with.

Other people are missing cell phone service and high speed Internet.  I find myself desperate for running hot water and my mother’s cooking.  The parade of meat, cheese, and grain is understandable on an extended trip but I am afraid some of the upcoming meals planned by the students will not be very balanced.  Maybe if I get done early shopping for my meals I can buy a bottle of vitamins and zucchini.  Even being leader of the day doesn’t mean you can stop people from planning a dinner entirely of ramen noodles and peanut butter.