Ellie`s Thoughts

Alzar School | 31.12.08

When we arrived in Jalcomulco we took a tour of the town. i took a whole roll of pictures. The town is really safe and full of colors. Maggie, Mayan, Marisol,and I practiced our rolls in a calm spot on teh river. Yesterday, the 29th, we went down a stretch of the river which was so much fun. Afterwards, we started our homework and then ate chicken and salad for dinner. And that night, when we went to get dessert we learned a local dance with the group with will be preforming on New Years Eve. Today we went down the same stretch with Becca and I finished my reading forEnglish class. Tonight Katie adn I are going to try paleta de arroz. A paleta is like a really amazing popsicle and arroz means rice. Maybe I´ll dance with the local group again tonight!