Engaging in the Alzar School Experience

Alzar School | 09.10.19

Alzar School offers high school sophomores and juniors the opportunity of a lifetime to study, explore and grow during a semester of their teenage educational years. However, for those of us who are unfortunate enough to have surpassed the Alzar School window, all is not lost for there are many ways in which to get and stay involved with Alzar School.

This week marks our Fall 2019 Semester Parents’ Weekend – a student-centric event in which parents and family members of current students are invited to our Idaho campus to experience the residential lifestyle, observe academic and technical skill presentations and meet the staff and instructors that teach, mentor and travel alongside their students. Apart from this event, we invite our current and alumni parents to engage with Alzar School through numerous avenues. We try our hardest to connect parents remotely to events, like Parents’ Weekend, for we realize rural Idaho or Patagonian Chile are not always short distances away. Through weekly communications, like this blog, and periodic publications, like The Catalyst, we hope to keep parents informed about the day-to-day happenings and the big-picture efforts of the school. Furthermore, as our admissions and leadership team travels the country, we connect with families in their home regions. Through our Alumni and Parent Network, all matriculated students and their parents can stay in touch with one another and with the school. This online platform serves as a directory for alumni families as well as a job posting board, school communication center and alumni update podium. In these ways, Alzar School broadcasts our student and alumni’s achievements, keeps stakeholders informed and spreads the word about our unique and transformative Semester School program. 

We hope you follow along. The World Awaits at Alzar School!