Fall 2018 Week 1 – Campus Prep

Alzar School | 13.08.18

Hello, we are your blog writers for the semester!

The first two weeks of August have been a whirlwind here on the Alzar School campus as we prep for students to arrive. Yurts have been opened up, aired out, and dusted off in preparation for a semester full of use. Staff have returned to campus after a summer of outdoor adventuring, working, and the like for trainings and overall preparation. Teaching Fellows have arrived and moved on campus, as they begin the process of acquainting themselves with Cascade and the residential areas they will share with students for duration of the semester. And, as all of this movement and mayhem comes together, the kitchen has clanked back to life both feeding the hungry mouths at Alzar School and preparing for the 30 students who will arrive in one short week.

As we dive into our many roles on campus; teacher, prep-cook, nurse, mentor, and coach, we wanted to take a minute to pause and introduce ourselves as the primary voices of the Alzar School blog this semester.

Tailor hails from Fort Collins, Colorado, and will be working in the English classrooms as a Teaching Fellow. She graduated from Pacific University this May with a degree in English Literature and Outdoor Leadership, and whenever she can find her way outside, she hikes, climbs, and mountaineers. Tailor is excited to learn how to boat alongside our students this fall in addition to sharing the story of it all on this blog.

Hattie calls the small town of Sisters, Oregon home and joins the Alzar School this fall as the Leadership and Spanish A teacher. When she isn’t teaching, Hattie loves spending time crafting and descending mountains, rivers and trails on boats, boards and bikes.

Throughout the semester, we are excited to share a little bit of Alzar School magic with you, through weekly updates and highlights. You can expect to find a new post every Friday, that covers everything from the latest lab in Chemistry class to an overview of the history of the Salmon River. We hope that through this blog, we can bring you one step closer to joining us, your students, and the entire Alzar School community on our journey this semester.


Happy Trails,

Hattie and Tailor