Final Blog Entry, by Zoe Mroz

Alzar School | 07.07.09

It’s pretty difficult to describe just how much I’ve learned these past three weeks. Having multiple opportunities throughout the trip to lead the group and learn from my mistakes and others’ mistakes, honing and establishing a larger basis for my own leadership skills, has pretty much cut out my work for the future improvements I’ll make. This trip has only scratched the surface as far as my personal growth as a leader goes, and has paved the way to many opportunities to continue developing myself as a future leader.

Having never kayaked before this trip, my three-week crash course was in-tents (ha- like camping)! My head is still spinning a bit because the sport is so involved. I’m so happy that I learned, though, because it’s incredibly fun. I will admit that I’m still slightly intimidated by whitewater, but I’d probably hop into a kayak anytime and push through a challenging rapid (though I should hope its at my level, of course.) One things for sure- I’ll NEVER look at whitewater the same way again!

Best moments of this trip include learning to roll (even if I don’t get it the first time), getting my sprayskirt on by myself, learning to set up and/or dissemble a tent in 10 minutes or less, being able to see the rural (beautiful) parts of Idaho and Cali and Oregon, scaling a giant wave on the Snake river without flipping, getting airborne on said wave, cooking s’mores by the fire with everyone, having interactive lessons with our awesome instructors, just shredding the gnarr in general, eating lots of new foods, tooth brushing parties, hanging out in Happy Camp, rafting with Pebbles, listening to comedians on my iPod with Ellie in our tent, catching a tiny glimpse of fireworks between pine trees on the 4th of July, and all the O.H.O. time in-between.

I won’t soon forget all the experiences I’ve gained on this trip.