Friday on the Rio Puelo- Jacob Goodkin

Alzar School | 19.03.14

I woke up to the cry of a couple of roosters pecking their way through our riverside camp on the Rio Puelo. I arose from my tent shirtless in my fleece, which having not been washed made me feel homely in the midst of the crisp morning air of the valley. Breakfast was warm and a cup of coffee woke me up for a long morning of classes. My classes alternated between a gazebo and a picnic table. Each having an excellent view of the electric turquoise water and sloping mountains behind it.

Lunch was plentiful because we had saved so much and not a single person walked away hungry. We even had a show with nuestro almuerzo because our gracious host Loli taught us the basics of rope dancing. As lunch ended and people got up to go to their classes.

Having completed my classes in the morning, I spent my afternoon free time  tending the fire, skipping rocks, and soaking my feet in the river. I enjoyed the free time because it gave me a couple of moments to enjoy the outdoors and think. As people switched between classes I listened to the birds and rush of the river. When classes finished I grabbed my paddling gear and got prepared to run the large waves and narrow canyon of the Rio Puelo. It was an exhilarating run that tested my paddling abilities and it was a calm and delightful day in Chile.