The Culminating Leadership Project (CLP) with Alzar Gap

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

The Culminating Leadership Project is a chance for students to stay connected to their Alzar Gap experience while creating meaningful change in their home communities as well as in their own lives.  During the Patagonia Exchange and Rockies to Patagonia Gap Programs, instructors help students transform their inspirational experience into a plan for a practical project based on conservation, social justice, community building, personal growth and/or vocational experience.  Students then have the option to put their plan into action during the months following their Alzar Gap program. Alumni will have the opportunity to reunite with their instructors, group members, Alzar Gap alumni, and inspiring leaders from their gap experience through email, video, and phone calls.  The CLP curriculum is designed to complement students’ next steps, and can easily be implemented while a student is attending college or transitioning into the workforce. Although entirely optional, we encourage our students to use the leadership skills and inspiration from their gap experience to help make the world a better place with the support and guidance from our dedicated team.

Although the CLP is a new addition to Alzar Gap (ages 18-24), it has long been a tradition of the Alzar School Semester Program (ages 15-17). Check out some of the projects our semester school students have accomplished!