Get Out Cincinnati

"The priceless smiles on everyone’s faces were the highest reward I could ask for."

- Isaac Goldstein

Background Information

Isaac Goldstein has always had a love for the outdoors. He has come to realize both the amazing effect outdoor activity can have on people and how so many children are not exposed to unique outdoor experiences. Therefore, after his semester at Alzar School, for his Culminating Leadership Project he created an organization called “Get Out Cincinnati.”

The goal of Get Out Cincinnati is to cultivate an appreciation for outdoor activity in nature among the youth of Greater Cincinnati. This organization holds events throughout the year that exposes kids grades 3 – 8 to the wonders of outdoor activity. His inaugural event was held on May 31, 2014 and introduced the participants to flat-water kayaking, mountain biking, and hiking.

“I wanted to create something that would really make a difference in my community.  I have been so fortunate to have had some amazing experiences in my life, and I just wanted to expose local kids to the possibilities — to share that with others.”
– Isaac

Implementation of Project

Once Isaac recruited an action team to help more closely with Get Out Cincinnati, he and his team marched in the Blue Ash Memorial Day parade to spread the word. Then, through a network on Facebook and other forms of social media, Isaac continued to reach his audience.  Finally on the day of the event, enthusiastic kids arrived, ready to have an exciting morning of adventure.

The participants were split into three groups that rotated through the three different activities. At each location professionals taught the kids new skills, as they were able to experience a unique type of outdoor activity.

“What surprised me the most was how productive my action team and I were when we all collaborated. Some of the best ideas for the event arose during our meetings; we were able to constantly build off of each other.”
– Isaac

Results of Project

At the end of the day, the kids and volunteers alike were yearning to stay longer and remain active in the outdoors. Get Out Cincinnati did instill a new appreciation for outdoor activity in everyone involved, and it cultivated a new interest to pursue these types of activities more often in their lives.  This inaugural event hosted 30 local kids and engaged 20 energetic volunteers.

 “It was so powerful just to step back and see how all of our hard work was having such a tremendous effect on the kids. The priceless smiles on everyone’s faces were the highest reward I could ask for.”
– Isaac

What’s Next

Get Out Cincinnati will continue to host events throughout the year. Isaac looks forward to continuing to reach kids and give them the opportunity to have unique experiences. He and his action team are already planning the next event and are continuing to make Get Out Cincinnati a sustainable organization in their community. This summer Isaac finds time for outdoor adventure between his training for swimming and internship with a local outdoor organization, and he was recently selected as an alumni representative on the Alzar School Advisory Committee. Isaac will graduate high school in 2015 and will definitely keep outdoor activity as an essential part of his life.

“Alzar School taught me the skills to take a passion that I had and go the distance to make an impact on others. This experience of implementing my CLP has broadened my perspective to realize even further the affect I can have on my own community.  It takes a lot of work and dedication to commit to a project and continue on track despite a plethora of obstacles and competing demands, but the reward is priceless.”
– Isaac