Getting ready for Adventure in Mexico

Alzar School | 01.11.08

Big news at the Alzar School–we purchased a van last night for the school. It will be our vehicle of choice for the Adventure in Mexico 2008-2009 expedition this December/January, as well as many future Alzar School courses. We did a lot of research into vans over the past few months, and finally found one that had the features we were looking for at a reasonable prices. We feel very fortunate to have found it in time for this winter’s course and look forward to driving it all the way down to Jalcomulco.

Other news around the school: we recently ordered new T-shirts. These new shirts are made from 100% organic cotton, which is higher quality cotton and has a much smaller impact on the environment. All of our students will receive a shirt, and they are for sale to benefit the Jean Bierle Scholarship Initiative ($20 plus s/h). If you are interested in a shirt, please send us an email and we can definitely get one to you.

We’ll post more soon, and will try to get pictures of the van and t-shirts on the blog so you can see them. We hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!