Greetings from Boise!

Alzar School | 20.06.09

I am excited to have the chance to get to post this first blog of the F.L.O.W. 2009 trip. My name is Katie, and in addition to working this trip, I also serve on the Advisory Committee and went to Mexico this winter with Alzar. I’ve been all over the world the past few years, but most recently have settled in Colorado, teaching and leading trips. Sean, Kristin, and I are also joined by Claudio, the fourth instructor. Claudio is from Chile and leads trips through South America and here in the U.S. He joined Alzar in Chile in 2007. In addition to being a very talented kayaker, Claudio is an enthusiastic leader and instructor, and I’m thrilled to get to work with him these next few weeks.

This week has been full of final preparations for the trip, including solidifying permits, putting together Alzar’s new raft (which we’re very excited to have), going on some scouting paddling trips, and much more. We’re all very excited to have the students arrive today and get the trip started. Tomorrow we’ll head out on our drive to California, where we’ll spend the first half of the trip. After paddling there, we will return to Idaho to paddle here for the remaining time of the trip. Personally, I am very excited about the rivers we’ll be paddling. I love having the chance to return to the scenic and big water of Idaho, but I’ll also be exploring for the first time, like the students, the rivers of northern California, which should be a wonderful experience.

This is Alzar’s fullest trip, with seven students. Coming from around the U.S. and here in Idaho, they bring a dynamic range of personality and talents that collectively will aid in the development of both technical and leadership skills for all. Welcome to Connor, Connor, Michael, Zoe, Jeffrey, Ellie, and Robert! You will have the chance to hear from them throughout the trip, as they document what we’re up to and all of our adventures.

Pebbles (Sean and Kristin’s dog who has been keeping me great company while I write this) has put down her toy and is looking up, as if to encourage me to wrap up so we can wait for the students. She is equally excited for the trip. Until the next posting, I hope you all get outside and enjoy the beautiful summer weather!