Hotel Rucapillan

Alzar School | 12.11.13

RucapillanWhile spending our time in Choshuenco we are staying in the cabanas of the Hotel Rucapillan. The hotel gets its name from the Mapuche language, it literally means “house of spirits” (Andestrack Adventures, 2013). The cabanas are very nice and super comfortable. There is one big living space in each one and a loft that is above it. Each living space has a full kitchen and a wood burning stove. The fires are great during study hall. Each cabana also has two bedrooms, which despite their small size are quite spacious. We use the kitchen for breakfast and lunch but for dinner we go over to the main hotel to eat a nice hot meal. The Hotel Rucapillan is a fantastic hotel and I think that all of us have had a great time staying here.

(image by Ben Barnes, 12/11/13)


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