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Huaso Penquista ! Flickr - Photo Sharing!Chile’s national sport has been the rodeo since 1962, and for good reason. The Chilean cowboys, or huasos, hold a reverenced position in the rich history of the country (Esmith, 2013).  In Chile, these farmers of the Central and Southern Regions ride horses from when they are very young. These men, who are engaged in livestock and agriculture, are regarded as loyal, chivalrous, honest, hard-working, generous, and proud. “The huaso is a man who makes his living the hard way and has no time for the sensitivities of urban life” (Keith, 2013). Huasos typically wear a straw hat called a chupalla. They also wear a poncho, called a chamanto, over a short jacket, loose fitting pants and boots. For special events, they will wear elaborate stirrups and spurs and a red sash worn around the waist (Hamre, 2013). Huasos continue to thrive in the rodeo from September to March, bringing Chilean traditions to life.

by Elena Press



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Huaso Penquista !