Lago Panguipulli

Alzar School | 13.11.13

Lago Panguipulli, or Lake Panguipulli, is one of the lakes in the Lake District of Chile. Panguipulli means “Land of Lions” in the native language of Mapuche (Panguipulli). Mapuche is the language of the indigenous people of this area.(Who are the Mapuche?). The town Panguipulli is situated on a hillside at the northwest corner of the lake. The town of Choshuenco, though, lies 45 km east of Panguipulli at the eastern tip of the lake (Lago Panguipulli). The lake itself is 116 square km, and while at the lake, “one finds themself surrounded by landscape of the foothills of the Andes” (Huenungir, p.5). Lago Panguipulli is the largest of the seven lakes in the area, and it’s sandy beaches and cliffs attract many visitors.

by Isaac Goldstein


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