Last minute preps

Alzar School | 17.12.08

Hello all! This will be the last post before Kristin and I officially begin our portion of the “Adventure in Mexico” expedition. We leave Boise on Friday afternoon, for the massive drive to southern Mexico that will take us to Denver, Austin, and beyond.

It’s a little crazy around here… there are always last minute details to take care of, but this year has been a new challenge with me teaching full time and Kristin juggling her GA position at BSU, being a full time graduate student, and tutoring. However, we are now wrapping up all the little things that need to be done… Kristin got the students’ expedition packets bound today, got snow chains for the tires (for the US portion of our drive–Veracruz is 86 degrees) and gassed up the van. I finished all my lessons at Boise High, met with my substitute, and lined up our parent contact person, Advisory Committee Member Dr. Sam Chewning. Pebbles lounged.

Tomorrow we will pack the kayaks in the van, double check all the gear, and kiss this cold weather goodbye. We’ll depart as soon as I check out from school, at 12:20 PM. The next blog post you read will be from the road as we make our way down.