Leadership in Stride: Alumni at the Boston Marathon

Alzar School | 30.04.24

Students elect to attend Alzar School from all over the world seeking to do something more with their high school education. Charlotte ‘F15,  attended Alzar School from Noble and Greenough school in Boston and 9 years later Charlotte continues to accomplish big things! 

On April 15th, 2024, Charlotte completed the 128th Boston Marathon with Samaritans, a Boston-based organization focused on preventing suicide and erasing the stigma around talking about mental health and suicide. Charlotte’s dad joined the challenge with her and combined they raised over $30,000 for Samaritans. 

Charlotte shared that she has not always been interested in running, and would not refer to herself as a runner, however her goal was to finish without any time associated with the race. Charlotte was truly running for the mission of Samaritans! Running for an organization like Samaritans motivated her to train on the cold, rainy, and dark days, because she had a strong ‘why’ and used that training time to reflect and check-in on her own mental health. 

This Fall, Charlotte will begin her Masters in Environmental Management with a concentration in Environmental Justice and Energy at the Duke University Nicholas School of Environment. We are eager to see how Charlotte continues to explore and can’t wait to hear if any of Alzar School’s lessons in experiential learning will come up in her studies. 

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