Learning to lead in Chile

Alzar School | 15.02.14

Just a quick update from the Rio Ñuble valley in Central Chile.

The group is doing well in their first paddling expedition. The trip started with a bit of a hiccup, but one that is a great leadership learning opportunity: all of the groups bags missed the flight from Dallas to Chile. Our group was suddenly faced with an unexpected challenge, and got to see some great leadership modeled by teachers Dan, Sam, Jeffrey and Rosalind. Rather than getting angry, Dan calmly collected the necessary information from the airlines and documented everything. As soon as he could, he got in touch with Sam (who was on the other side of customs) to formulate a Plan B for lodging (since camping was out of the question now that the tents and sleeping bags didn’t arrive). Sam’s team arranged for the group to stay at a small hosteria.

Without the paddling equipment, the group had a day to wait for the bags. Coming into Chile, everyone was excited to hit the water, especially with the hot temps here! This day could have been wasted, but instead the leaders of the day took on two study sessions (which freed up more paddling time later in the expedition). The group demonstrated resiliency and resourcefulness as they turned the challenge into an opportunity.

Now, bags reunited and on the river, the group is enjoying the benefits of their 360 degree thinking and getting extra time to play on the water and to explore the small town here.

Oh, and they are becoming fast friends with Jose Ignacio, our last addition to the group. Photos coming soon!