My trip to the grocery store

Alzar School | 29.01.08

This weekend we were running low on food so before we headed to our next campsite we stopped at the grocery store. We split up into two teams Rosario and Claudio were one team and Wilson, Sean, and I were the other. Rosario and Claudio had it easy because they could speak and read in Spanish. The only Spanish speaking person on our team was Sean and we still had an hard time. We also had the bigger list so by the time Rosario and Claudio were done we were still on the third item. We decided to split up. Sean got the turkey and cheese, Wilson got the bread, and I was in charge of finding the milk. I wondered around the store for a little while on my search for the milk. Here they have many different kinds and brands. I tried to remember the cover of the milk we had used before but that was useless. Then one of the Chilean store workers came up to me and started speaking in Spanish. I immediately froze. I was trying to remember the few Spanish words I knew but none were coming to me. I couldn’t even remember how to say hola! All that came out of my mouth was “I don´t speak Spanish.” I than ran off in search of milk again. Towards the end of that isle I finally found the milk but it was still in the boxes. Not knowing I stuck my hand in the box and retrieved the milk. The same Chilean came up to me and said another thing in Spanish. He then pointed to the milk on the shelf. Right then Sean came up he helped a lot because I wasn’t sure of what kind he wanted. We grabbed the right milk, found Wilson, then decided that it would be best if we found the rest of the list as a team!