Mychal’s Blog Entry

Alzar School | 04.07.09

Dear Citizens of the Regular World:

This trip has been a lot of fun. We started by going to the Klamath River. We ran that for three days, then went to the Cal Salmon and ran a couple of different stretches. We rafted and kayaked, the more experienced boaters paddled Clear Creek as well, which was fun. We also ran the South Fork of the American River, both the upper and lower stretches. There were some big holes and waves! Then, we drove to Reno and played in the whitewater park. We played for about 45 minutes.

After Reno, we drove to Boise and stayed at the Alzar World Headquarters. The next day we drove to the Payette and have been camping on a piece of property on near the South Fork. We’ve been running different stretches. First we ran the Main, then the Cabarton. On the Cabarton, after kayaking Howard’s Plunge Conner, Robert, and I swam it, then jumped off a rock at the end. The next day, Robert, Ellie, Jeffrey, Conner, and I ran the Lower South Fork. Ellie and Robert got out above Staircase, the first larger rapid, and we finished.