Pop Quiz: what makes this reaction go BOOM?

Alzar School | 15.12.14

Welcome to Chemistry class at the Alzar School. ┬áIn out last unit we have been studying types of reactions and a crazy little thing called stoichiometry (for those of you who may not remember back to high school or college chemistry, or do not have the fortune of spending 8-10 hours a day thinking about chemistry – Basic Stoichiometry revolves around the idea that what goes into a chemical reaction will equal what comes out, and these masses can be calculated).

Can you figure out what type of reaction is happening here?

Shoot me an email with the answer, and I’ll give you an “Honorary A” in my Chemistry Class for this semester!


(Ill give you a Hint: there are actually two reactions happening – One in the test tube below the Erlenmeyer flask, and a separate one in the flask itself, initiated when a flame is added)