Science beginnings at Alzar School

Alzar School | 23.08.12

There are three science courses being taught for the fall 2012 semester; Environmental Science, Physics and Chemistry.  All courses are interesting, challenging and really fun to practice and learn. Most of the  students are in Chemistry; however, all classes started the semester by diving into what science is and how has it shaped our world. The picture showcases our novel “Checks” scientific method lab.  The kiddos knocked it out of the park, though all groups had very different approaches to solving the mystery of the Browns.

An interesting aspect this semester will be our collaboration with students from Cascade High School, where they are doing incredible advanced science projects.  Hopefully we can use their lab to learn some hard skills and help them with research and development of their existing projects.  Mr. Clint Kennedy is an amazing teacher and I firmly believe his approaches to learning science. More to come on this later in the semester.  Stay tuned!

Mr. Samuel Goff