Science Classes Spring Semester 2013

Alzar School | 31.01.13

This semester Mr. Goff is teaching four science classes. The list includes Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Environmental Science.  So far students have reviewed first semester topics and have started diving into new science content.

Mr. Goff expressing the challenges of learning 2D motion.

Mr. Goff expressing the challenges of learning 2D motion.

Biology is approaching the theory of Evolution, and is working through one of the most famous and influential books in the world, “On the Origin of Species”, by Charles Darwin.  To build context for further learning and understanding, they are currently building scale models of the geologic time line, which will include times of major extinctions, evolution and catastrophic geologic events.

Chemistry is experimenting with baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) and vinegar (Acetic Acid). The lab objective is to find out which is the limiting reagent in the fizzy reaction. Once this lab is finished we will move into Gases and Ideal Gas Laws.

Physics is solidifying understanding and reviewing 2D motion, static and dynamic forces. Both students have had great physics instruction, but from different pedagogical approaches. Bringing them to the same page, so the can “speak” physics to each other, will take a few weeks.

Finally Environmental Science is learning about food production and soil. But, first we have to have a good idea how the world transfers energy to create geologic formations, which then leads to soil. Plate tectonics is central to soil formation, and we have completed fun “drawing” activities to exemplify this crucial understanding. Finally, at the end of our unit we will address the pros and cons of Genetically Modified Foods/Organisims (GMOs) with a debate. Who will be more suggestive????? We will see.

Spring semester 2013 is starting off great!!

Samuel Goff, Science department