Sopapillas and Hairnets

Alzar School | 13.11.14

Late last week the Alzar School students put their hairnets on and tromped into the Rucapillan kitchen. Stephanie Novellas, our student leader of the week, had spear-headed the planning, and Señora Erica, la dueña (the queen) of the kitchen had graciously invited us into her work space. She was to impart to us the art of making Sopapillas – little fried squares of delicious dough. Once fried, option 1. choose savory and top them with a spicy Chilean mixture of onion, tomatoes, peppers and cilantro called Pebre, or 2. go sweet and top with honey, marmalade, or powdered sugar. Below is a quick video recap of the schooligans in the kitchen. Amidst the many giggles and smiles, one of my favorite quotes of the day came from Miss Grace Raulet – for when asked “What do you like to cook?” She answered dutifully in Spanish “I don’t cook very much… but I learned how to cook….. eggs!”