Spring 2018- A Semester of Firsts

Alzar School | 25.05.21

Each and every semester at Alzar School is unique. As students from all over the country and world coalesce for four months, they form a community unlike any other composed individual experiences and rooted in the shared experiences they undergo together throughout the semester. Today is the Spring 2021 cohort’s graduation day. While we celebrate each individual student, we also want to celebrate the uniqueness of this semester as a whole.

Klamath River Expedition

The Spring 2021 semester had several memorable “first-moment” experiences. This group was the first semester to enjoy many magical ski days in Idaho both on campus and at the surrounding ski resorts. For the first time, snow tubes and sleds flew down the slopes of campus and neighboring hillsides. Semester 18 members were the first Alzar School students to explore the Klamath River since 2012 and to take on navigating new routes in the Owyhee Canyonlands. They were the first to see the snow-peaked mountains of Idaho transform from white to green and to witness flocks of migratory sandhill crane and snow geese return from lower latitudes. Finally, our Spring 2021 cohort was the first to embark on a final backpacking expedition in budding mountains and valleys of the West Central Rocky Mountains. For each student, living and studying at Alzar School was a new, exciting, and challenging experience and we are so grateful and proud to have had them join us.

Backpacking in the Owhyees on the second expedition.

Congratulations to our Semester 18, Spring 2021 students. As well as the parents, mentors, and teachers who have supported their experience at Alzar School. We are incredibly proud of all of the Spring 2021 students, the young leaders they are becoming and the good we know they will accomplish in life. Hip hip hooray! 

Celebrating the end of the semester with a photo booth!