Strategic Priorities

building leaders for generations to come.

In 2018, Alzar School’s Board of Directors, having sought input from the broader school community, developed a new, bold strategic plan to guide our efforts for the coming ten years. That plan is centered around three strategic priorities: Excellence in Mission, Our Vision Sustained, and Evolution for Impact.

Strategic Priorities

Excellence in Mission

  • Enhancement of our already powerful curriculum and programs.
  • Attraction and retention of the excellent faculty and staff.
  • Support of student and alumni leadership.

Our Vision Sustained

  • Management of schools assets so the learning environment inspires.
  • Development of robust Empowering Leaders Annual Fund to support operations.
  • Growth of the school’s endowment to bolster financial aid for families in need.
  • Admission of four cohorts of the semester program per year.

Evolution for Impact

  • Development of permanent Chilean infrastructure in Patagonia.
  • Initiation of new, mission-aligned programs to expand our reach beyond the semester program.
  • Expansion of outreach efforts.