Tamarack Today

Alzar School | 17.02.12

This afternoon Sean, Kristin, and I took a break from a busy workday to hit the slopes. The morning started out a little gloomy. However, as the day progressed, the sun gave warmth as it broke through the gloom and brilliant depth perception ensued on the mountain (we all know how frustrating the flat light can be when the fog rolls in). Last week I mentioned Brundage Mountain, which is just one resort within an hour of the Alzar School campus. Tamarack Resort is another resort within an hour of the Alzar Campus.

Of both resorts within an hour of Alzar, Tamarack is the closer of the two. At Tamarack you will still find short lift lines, with runs that are a bit longer. From the top you will look to the east and see Lake Cascade. Boaters and fisherman enjoy Lake Cascade in the summer and fall months, while in the winter enjoyed by cross-country skiers and snowmobilers. Below is a photo from the top of Tamarack looking over Lake Cascade covered in all that beautiful white stuff. Below the photo is a trail map of Tamarack.

Also, What would this blog be without an update on the barn? I know you all have been itching to know when Sean and Kristin will be able to get to the second floor without a ladder. And that time is now! The stairs have been put in! No longer will there be anxious looks ascending the icy steps of an 18 foot ladder. Make sure and get back on facebook soon to check out the pictures.

Pray for snow!! (The making for more whitewater this summer)