The End of Summer

Alzar School | 03.09.09

Water is no longer being released from the Deadwood Reservoir on the South Fork of the Payette, the Fall Semester of the MBA program has begun for Kristin, and students arrive in Sean’s classroom this upcoming Monday. Looking back over the summer, we are pleased with what we have accomplished. F.L.O.W. 09 was a huge success, followed by record attendance at the Camp Cup event in North Carolina. We taught Kayaking at the most renowned and respected kayak school, Otter Bar. The Alzar School now released a brand spankin‘ new promotional video that you should have received in the mail (if not just let us know!). Pebbles has applied to be the first dog officially sponsored by a river company, AND we have been in business for FIVE YEARS!!!

This Fall, we will have our Board of Directors meeting. All advisory committee members are welcome to attend, but attendance is not mandatory. Early responses sound like we will have a good turn out, with folks coming in from North Carolina, Montana, and Utah. The Rivers of Chile program is starting to fill. We’ve had lots of applicants from interesting students from all over, and love getting calls from people wanting more information! Space is still available, so we encourage you to apply.

There are rumors circulating the Alzar World Headquarters about a spring semester in Chile…but its too early to say more.

Sean, the head teacher is planning to climb two of Idaho’s highest mountains this weekend, and the following weekend a team of Alzar Schoolians will head to the Boise River to participate in the River Sweep, cleaning up a section of the river running through town. Alzar School staff (aka Kristin & Sean) have trips planned to the City of Rocks, the Bliss Wave, and the Black Cliffs. It’s sure to be a great few months at the Alzar School.