The Lower Salmon

Alzar School | 03.04.12

Alzar now has a permit for the Lower Salmon River in Idaho. The Lower Salmon runs north ultimately connecting with the mighty Snake River. The Snake divides Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Sean and I participated in an interpretive trip this last weekend on The Lower Salmon coordinated by the Bureau of Land Management. We learned about the plethora of wildlife that inhabits the Lower Salmon, including elk, bighorn sheep, turkey, and river otter. We were also fortunate enough to experience the big sandy beaches The Lower Salmon offers as campsites. The whitewater on the Lower Salmon ran from class 2 Р4, and before the take-out we crossed two state lines. Alzar will be running trips on The Lower Salmon this coming fall. Pictures of our trip are below.

Now, back to the barn!

There has been plenty of talk about constructing the bouldering wall in the barn, and all the talk is turing into action. Sean and I, with the help of Sam Goff (Alzar’s science teacher), have begun framing the bouldering wall. The wall progresses in difficulty from left to right as it gets steeper. With just enough variation this wall provides hours of bouldering to experienced climbers and beginners looking to learn. The bouldering area will be a great place to relax and hang out after long days spent on the slopes at Tamarack Resort or on the water at Kelly’s Whitewater Park. There will more pictures as construction continues.