The story of my kayak

Alzar School | 29.01.08

Ok.. it all began when we picked a Kayak from Valdivia. It looked good (I didn’t know that it would be so heavy to carry).

So, when I tried to putted on my shoulder, it was really heavy. Then I thought “I have to carry this kayak 3 weeks, (oh noo)” . So everyday I have my own battle with the kayak. I am working on it. But it’s really heavy to carry. I have dropped the kayak many times.. and I had fall too. But and the end of the trip.. the battle will be again “Rosario v/s Kayak”.. and the winner will be Rosario! (I hope so).

Bye, escribo luego

Rosario Torrealba (Chilena a mucha honra!)